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Mike Frey, Chief Visionary Officer at Paradux Media Group from Eagle Point Oregon just completed an intense 10 week SEO course I offer as part of my Training and Coaching package and here’s what he had to say after a few weeks from completion. . .


I wanted to take the time to let [...]

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Must Know Information About Upgrading to WordPress 3.1!

Every time a major WordPress release arrives, people get scared!

Why? Because just like nearly everything in life… the upgrade procedure can be dangerous.

Point #1 When you know the facts and know how to play safe, the risk is minimized. Why do people get scared? Because [...]

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On December 2,2010 Ian Lurie published an article: 9 Step SEO Checkup Using Google Webmaster Tools within website as a senior contributor.  Matt McGee welcomed the idea of writing a summary.  The article was one of the best articles written on the subject, and I wanted to [...]

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