In the years I have been in business , I have been involved with numerous clients…All either coaching or consulting on their business’s…..below you will find a sample of clients and what they have to say about my Coaching . . . .

“I have been Lucky enough to have 3 coaching sessions with Rick, and as soon as I get on my feet, I will purchase the 10 pack he offers. The price is exceptionally low for the knowledge and information he has to share with me. It is nice to find an ethical and knowledgeable person whose number one goal is my success! (And knows how to impart to me what I need to achieve it.)
Thank you Rick. We will be talking soon. “
~Mark , Coaching Client October

“Rick Cano provided very good coaching techniques and advice about what I should sell and the general concepts of my online business. We went over the things that I should do based on a successful business model in a logical order. I wish I had more than just 5 sessions.” - Forrest Woodson, eCommerce client  January

“Thank you so much for all your help.  I learned so much with your style of coaching.  You are very easy to talk to; it made the experience less stressful for a non-technical person as myself.  Your explanations to my questions were easy to understand.  Thanks again for all your help.”
– Pam Phonthongsy, eCommerce client  January

“No doubt about it, Rick is an excellent coach! His coaching is something that I would recommend everyone to experience. Ask for Rick, if you expect real success in e-marketing!! He is patient and professional, two qualities that I appreciate, I learned so much from him!”- Arche Louis-Jacques, Coaching client  February

“The lessons and information I garnered from my coach, Rick Cano, has been very instrumental in getting my business started.  I learned many things I did not know about building a web site and selling the products on it from my coaching sessions with Rick.  Although I have not yet published my Vianet web site (I am a bit of a perfectionist) I learned so many things I can do with it, I’m having a tough time deciding exactly how I want it to look.  I should actually just publish it and test to see what works best.  I feel Rick got me pointed in the right direction and now all I have to do is take the steps in that direction.  Thanks for the coaching Rick and I look forward to working with you more…There will be questions coming soon…” - Thomas C. Roquemore,  Satisfied Vianet Client  October

“We appreciate your coaching us on our website.  You have been a big help in explaining things.  One thing I really commend you on is your friendly personality in making one feel comfortable.  There were times that we felt a little dumb until we talked with you.  Thank you ever so much.”
- Shirley & Earl Collinson, Coaching Clients  October

“Just a quick note to thank you for your training.Your patience, expertise and level of concern were very encouraging to me as I came into the program with very little background or understanding of ecommerce.Your professionalism kept me confident of my eventual success.I can’t wait to see my website launched!”
Margaret Shoukry, Coaching Clients  September

“I want you to know how much help you have been in getting information on my site, I have been trying so much to learn and you have definitely been a great help”

- Raymond Gordon, Coaching Client January

There are numerous reasons why Rick Cano is a successful coach for instructing  E commerce Marketing.  I (a 35 year certified teacher & still teaching) experienced a quality in Rick that few coaches in this business possess.  For the novice computer jargon can be very intimidating.  Rick saw me vacillating and he took the time to give me a wake up call.  He pointed out the things I should be doing. He didn’t give up on me when I started to fall behind in my goals. Rick encouraged me to be fully prepared for the next coaching sessions.  He motivated my cautious side to take the jump in launching a Blog.  He demonstrated patience when I requested for things to be repeated.  Rick handed me the controls to steer a path towards an E commerce Marketing business. Thank you Rick for sticking with me, boosting myself confidence with computers and surging me forward to be out there in the ‘Web World.’”
- Clarrisa Bublitz, Coaching Client

“Amongst the many qualities that Rick has I liked two of them the most: The Friendly and enthusiastic greeting in the begining of every session and The way he allowed me to make mistakes but then was strait forward about them and he did great in directing me on the right path. I’d say both thumbs and tows up for Rick Cano!”

Alex Koyev, Coaching Client  December

“Rick Cano provided very good  coaching techniques and advice about how I should organize my online business.  He was very thoughtful and was able to convey a better way to present my website.  We went over the things that I should do based on a logical order. I wish I had more than just 5 sessions.”
- Carl Mortimer, Coaching Client December

“I really appreciated the one on one coaching that I got from Rick. He did go above and beyond to help me understand this new world.  He showed a lot of patience and understanding when, I know, it seemed liked I would never get it. I have a ways to go but  would  never been able to accomplish what I did without his help.  Thanks again, for everything:~).” - Corrina Follmuth, Coaching Client December

“Rick, thank you so much for coaching me through my first website build.  Your style of coaching and intimate knowledge of the internet and web sites and search engines certainly made my learning experience much easier.
I would recommend you to any who want to learn and are willing to apply themselves, and I am looking forward to your workshops each week.Thanks again for your expert coaching.”
Phil Seiler, Coaching Client  January
Satisfied Vianet Customer

“I wanted to let you know that I have appreciated your Patience over these past weeks.  Being a Novice in the field of E-Commerce I have put you to the test and you have come through with Flying Colors!  My time with you has been too short but we have accomplished much and I find myself more confident and able to continue toward my Goals in this ever-growing marketplace of the Internet. You have my Sincere Thanks and Best Wishes for Continued Success.  I would recommend your services to anyone interested in a sound foundation for an E-Commerce Future! “ Your Student in Business”,
Doug Melick, Coaching Client January

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